CNC milling

  • 3 axis CNC milling
  • 5 axis CNC milling

Electrical discharge machining—EDM

  • Wire EDM Cutting—4 axis CNC
  • S-EDM



  • Surface and cylindrical grinding


Laser cladding

  • Repair of injection molds and machine parts
  • Welding possible from 0.1 mm to 1.2 mm wires of all kinds
  • Laser arm working area up to 5 m, 270 degree angle
  • Vertical laser rotary head. Possible to weld in 360 degree radius
  • Device is easily transportable. Repairs can be realized directly at your operations center.

Laser engraving

  • Alphanumeric text
  • Geometric shapes
  • QR, matrix, barcodes
  • Complex raster graphics
  • Rotary axis—engraving in 360 degree radius
  • 3D laser engraving technology


We bring professional and comprehensive solutions for the development and production of composite components.

  • 3D parts and molds design
  • FEM analysis and optimization

Composite material has excellent mechanical properties, low weight and impressive design.

Development and Construction


Laser cladding machine from our company.

Infinite Mould Solution
  • Function radius 5 m
  • Powerful 300W diode-pumped fiber laser
  • Carbon fiber extension arm
  • CNC technology for complex and repeated shapes
  • Does not require water cooling and is almost maintenance-free
  • Pulse energy of 30 J
  • The pulse duration range is 0.4–50 ms with a frequency of 1–100 Hz
  • Laser beam diameter range is 0.2–2 mm
  • The laser service life is more than 17 years of service

Single-purpose machines

  • Design and development of new machinery and equipment
  • Project design and technical documentation drawing
  • Complete production and commissioning
  • Turnkey delivery

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