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After years of development we have come up with a unique solution. We present Infinite - our brand new laser cladding device. Infinite is a mobile device designed to repair injection moulds and machine parts by cladding.

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Our services include:

Laser cladding

Repairs using laser devices

Research and development of machine and device prototypes


Infinite Mould Solution

Our diode-pumped fibre laser has a number of advantages over the YAG-lasers used by our competitors. It needs roughly 20% less electrical energy to produce the laser beam, making it the more economical option. Laser beam quality is very precise and stable with accurate amplitude. The power source is very compact and does not require water cooling, which is a frequent cause of complications. The fact that the system is practically zero-maintenance significantly reduces operating costs by eliminating potential investments into servicing.

The laser power is 300W with pulse energy of 30J. The pulse duration range is 0,4-50ms with a frequency of 1-100Hz. Laser beam diameter range is 0,2-2mm. The laser service life is more than 50 000 hours which equals 17 years of service when used 8 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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